This documentation cover utilities and tools of the Manipulator JavaScript library and framework. If you are new to Manipulator, check out getting started.

For specific documentation on understanding the framework see Initializer Objects and Page model.

While utilities and tools are used to perform general JavaScript routines and HTML manipulation, the Page model and Initializer Objects cover HTML Node extenders, Page and general flow controllers.

Library Index

Core modules

  • Arrays

    Array prototypes for older browsers

  • Cookie

    Cookie handling.

  • Debug

    Debugging tools.

  • DOM

    DOM query- and manipulation.

  • Events

    Add/remove events and basic event shorthands for Click, Hold, Dblclick and Hover.

  • Events, Browser

    Browser events. DOM ready, Onload, etc.

  • Geometry

    Positioning, sizes and offsets

  • Init

    Manipulator module initializer

  • Math

    Math based functions

  • String

    String manipulation and random key generation.

  • System

    System and browser information

Extension modules

  • Animation

    CSS3 transitions with fallback.

  • Date

    Date formatting.

  • Events, Movements

    Movement events. Drag, Swipe.

  • Flash

    Flash object and detection.

  • FontsReady

    Font checker and preloader.

  • Form

    Form interface, input validation and event callbacks.

  • Form builder

    Form building methods.

  • Google Analytics

    Built-in Google Analytics tracking.

  • Google Maps

    Google Maps module.

  • History

    Browser history for Ajax based navigation.

  • Keyboard

    Keyboard input and shortcut handling.

  • Media

    Video and audio player with custom controls.

  • Navigation

    Ajax navigation controller.

  • Overlay

    Inject a customizable overlay.

  • Period

    Time period formatting.

  • Popup

    Oldschool popups, for oldschool websites.

  • Preloader

    Loadbalanced image preloader.

  • Request

    POST, GET, PUT, PATCH and Script injection - server requests with response validation.

  • ScrollTo

    Animated native scrolling to coordinate or Node.

  • Sortable

    Sort a list of nodes.

  • SVG

    SVG creation.

  • Template

    JSON to JSON/HTML Template parser.

  • Textscaler

    Scale text on window resize.

  • Timer

    Timeouts and intervals.

  • URL

    Read GET params from URL.

Test the modules

If you want to test any of the library component in you current browser, you can use the internal test documents to do so.