Quick-bundles and source

The package available for download contains the complete source and precompiled universal bundle of the Manipulator JavaScript library. It's a "two sizes fits all" download for now.

If you need an optimized/segmented bundle, you need to grab the source and make it on your own, until we have finished the new bundle-builder.

New to Manipulator?

Manipulator is an extremely flexible, performance optimized open source JavaScript library and framework with a slightly neurotic focus on details. It is designed to mimic regular JavaScript, utilize and extend the DOM objects instead of inventing new objects. Work WITH the DOM and take back control of your interface. Keep it close to native JavaScript to boost performance.

The Manipulator library provides an extensive set of name spaced cross-device shorthand functions, written to utilize the the best performance option available - without inventing new concepts or abiding old implementation flaws.

The goal behind designing the Manipulator library

The Manipulator library has be developed with the following priorities:

  • Using the newest standards
  • Support for all devices
  • Performance optimized in all possible ways
  • Leveraging standard JavaScript knowledge
    (not changing the way you write JavaScript)
  • Providing a solution to common cross-device/cross-browser problems
  • Simplifying backend implementation and development
  • Completely modular with no unnecessary overhead
  • Fast, compatible and reliable

Want to contribute?

Send an email to contribute@parentnode.dk and join our team.