Introduction to Manipulator Page Model is to be added here. This is part of the 0.9.5 milestone.


The Manipulator framework is based on a Page model, which comes a complete global page and flow controller model with automated UI extension, AJAX based navigation flows as well as resize, scroll and orientationchange events. It is designed to support complex AJAX based websites with transitions at every level as well as simple hardloaded websites without any fancy details.

The Page model is mapped to an outer parent Node, which then works a the global rendering, loading and transition controller. It gives you a central control structure, that allows you to coordinate any activity on the page in detail. The Initializer objects can be extensions the Page Model, to create a Page/Scene hierachy. an library

It extends the DOM objects individually to become controllers of the UI they represent. It does NOT extend generally ... - to optimize performance

The Manipulator Page Model is designed around the Templator markup model, but it can be used with any kind of HTML layout.