Browser support

The modular/segmented architecture of Manipulator allows it to support a wider range of browsers without any performance loss. This is because only the code required for your browser is included - only the old/dysfunctional browsers suffer load/perfomance overhead.

Manipulator supports the following browsers and more:

  • Chrome 1+
  • Safari 1+
  • Firefox 1+
  • Firefox Mobile 1+
  • Mobile WebKit (iPad 1+, iPhone 1+, Android 1+, Blackberry 7+, Symbian 9+)
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Webkit 413+
  • Mobile Internet Explorer 7+
  • Opera 8+
  • Netscape 7+


If you are familiar with browser development, you'll know and understand why support doesn't mean you should attempt to replicate any visual effect in all the listed browsers.

Older browsers will typically perform badly on heavy calculations or dom-query intensive operations - so though Manipulator actually allows you to implement advanced animations in IE7, you should consider whether it makes sense or if a simpler version is a better solution for the older browsers.

Smaller devices typically requires custom interfaces to work and perform well and simply scaling down your desktop animation is not in the interest of the end user with an year-old smartphone.

In other words, even a good library can be spoiled, when used without consideration.