Clicking links should update url, using Hash as fallback in older browsers. To test, click links and see if browser url and the link in Current location is aligned for the correct callback recipients. There are 4 recipients, which should be updated according to the following rules:

page.cN.navigate: Should receive callback when the first url fragment changes (content-1/2).
page.cN.scene.navigate: Should receive callback when only the following fragments changes.
div.navigate: Should be updated on every event.
div.updated: Should be updated on every event.

In addition the initializers should be updated as follows:

page.cN: Should only be initialized when page.cN.navigate receives callback.
page.cN.scene: Should be initialized on every event.

Also check if browser navigation "back" and "forward" works, following the same rules.


Current location

1 - page.cN.navigate: /tests/u-navigation
2 - page.cN.scene.navigate: /tests/u-navigation
3 - div.navigate:
4 - div.updated: