The core functionality of Manipulator is solid and already implemented across a multitude of websites. The further development of Manipulator is focused on syntax alignment, performance optimization, extending the advanced feature set and minor bug-fixing.

Below you'll find the current roadmap for reaching version 1.

  • Version 0.9.5


    • Add building option on manipulator
    • Align callback syntax and methodology
    • Find all TODO's in source code
    • Test library to identify undeclared variables
    • Fix: Video pause in IE11
    • Fix: Flash in IE11
    • Fix: Window events buggy in IE6/7/8


    • implement custom transition methods
    • Replace timerbased animation fallback with animation frame

    Events - movements

    • Consider enabling dropout as default for mouse input


    • Designed radiobutton
    • Designed datepicker
    • Add CSS to tablet
    • Dropdown
    • Designed checkbox
    • Test: HTML Editor - test update/change callbacks


    • Hardcoded callbacks in Navigation


    • Max-processes parameter for preloader
    • Evaluate pro/cons individual preloader queues
    • Implement progress callbacks


    • Add XML detection to u.request response
    • Add "return raw" option to u.request
    • Test: responseError callback
    • Make it possible to set responseError callback name


    • investigate IEMobile scroll function


    • Test: Add sortable callback tests


    • Custom scrollbar with drag'n'drop
    • Finalize scroll module


    • Add general "getting started" examples
    • Add page model introduction and documentation
  • Version 1.0


    • Doubleclick for IE8


    • Update nesting drag'n'drop detection


    • desktop_light Audio player out of BETA


    • Remove scrollbar and inject layover
    • Layover should remember scroll-position
    • Layover should contain self-close function
    • Optional click outside overlay to close
    • Adapt early u-fullscreen features


    • Finalize gridmaster


    • Finalize sequence player
    • Switch sequence timer to Animation frame


    • Extend callback options for slideshow events
    • Finalize slideshow


    • Video desktop_light player out of BETA
  • For consideration

    Most of Manipulator has been created on a need-to basis. Whenever something is needed in a project, we build the first version for that project. If it turns out to be a reoccurring need, it might end up as an official function.

    The following ideas have shown up along the way and are listed here to preserve initial thoughts for further refinement.


    • Alerts and warnings - advanced visual feedback for better usabillity
    • Tooltips - syntax approach of mapping extended information to nodes, preferably with some SEO considerations.
    • Scrollspy - primarily a matter of defining a likable syntax for ease of mapping functions to scroll positions
    • Autocomplete - simple function making server request and storing data for quick match return
    • Sortby - simple function to sort rows/columns in structure (table/div+span/li etc)


    • Dom update on u.a.transition?