Simple click test (right/left click)

Click and rightclick the purple box – a small panel will occur with info, indicating how the interaction was registered. Note: all interaction starts with one inputStarted, followed by one clicked/rightclicked. If ONE interaction causes TWO click events to occur, you have found an error.

Extended test: Push mouse button down on the purple box, and then move mouse outside the purple area before letting go of the button. That should effectively cancel the click/rightclick event.

click me

Nested click and hold events

Test is based on a set of nested divs, each with it's own click event. Click on each div and track the events outputted to the screen. No click, hold or dblclick should envoke anything except the exact action. No bubbling can occur.

Level 1, click-event
Level 2, click-, hold-, dblclick-event
Level 3, click-event
Level 4, click-event

Hover and extended click events

Over, out, inputStarted, click, moved, clickCancelled. MouseOut has a delay of 1000ms.